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John & Ngakita Wedding Highlights “23 Years old running Joke came True”

We shot John and Ngakita’s wedding in Gold Coast (last year) and ceremony was performed in bautiful Avalon Gardens, Mt Tamborine.

John’s dad had a running joke (23 years back) with Ngakita’s dad that one day his son will end up mayying Ngakita which finally came true on 26th Nov 2012.

It was amazing to see our couple couple so happy after 9 years of their relationship.

Olga & Dyllan “From this day forward”

Per Russian tradition, the bride and groom are given a loaf of karavay (a small round loaf of bread). Someone holds the bread for them as they each take a bite from the loaf.

Whoever takes the bigger bite is considered the head of the family. You will find out shortly in the highlights who took the lead among Olga/Dyllan.

Alison & Kurt Wedding Highlights “Happy Wife Happy Life”

Alison & Kurt had a beautiful country wedding performed in Belgenny Farm, Camden.

The weather was lovely on the day of the wedding which you will see the video.

Alison arrived in the Vintage ute which was specially designed and painted ‘Red’ for her wedding by her family … we loved it.