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The Best Wedding Vendors in Sydney

Let’s face a harsh reality – the wedding industry is over saturated. And we say that as members working within the wedding industry.

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing, for engaged-couples and businesses alike – it means that there are vendors with different styles, specialties, approaches, and prices for the simplest, most intimate of weddings, to the most awe-inducingly extravagant.

It’s important to consider your vision and goals for the final event – how you want it to look, feel, and sound. But there’s a consistent between all weddings, no matter the aesthetic – you definitely want it to run with no stress or unforeseen issues arising.

And that outcome can only be achieved with the professionalism, expertise, and skill of the vendors you select. It’s only when it comes to narrowing down your final choices between businesses that things become difficult. So we’ve done the hard job for you. Read on to find out more about the most unique, professional, and talented wedding vendors in Sydney.

1. Dan Luke Photography

Dan Luke has a serious knack for capturing images of real life and love, that look as if they were ripped straight out of a fairytale. The glamour, joy, friendship, and little moments that make a wedding special – he embodies the emotions with creativity and artistry like you’ve never seen it before.

As a husband and wife team themselves, Dan and Diana use quirky angles, unique techniques, and top-notch editing to represent the story of their clients’ special day. Even images captured on days that brought dull, gray weather are compensated for, turned into masterpieces with sheer imagination.

Dan Luke’s solid reputation doesn’t end at his creative capabilities, says our founder, Raj Saxena. “Dan and I met when I booked him as my wedding photographer! Since then we have become good friends. We have worked together on countless projects, and his professionalism and passion for his work is so clear.”

Image by Dan Luke Photography

2. Jade Berber Photography

If you’ve been on the hunt for natural wedding photography with an effortless flair for a more organic style, look no further. Raj met Jade Berber at a clients’ wedding and was awestruck by the works she produced.

“Jade is really driven and motivated. She never gives up in her pursuit for creative shots. Everything she does is simply beautiful,” says Raj.

Describing her work as soft and romantic, a further look into her never-ending portfolio shows Jane’s clear talent for landscape and portrait photography shining bright. Moments are captured in perfect harmony with the beauty of natural surroundings. Her couple portraits range from deeply intimate, to framed from an onlookers perspective – showing the couples love with the beauty only an outsider could see.

With Jane Berger’s photography, the intricate moments of your wedding will never go unnoticed.

Image by Jade Berber Photography

3. Steven Khalil

Hopefully replacing this image with the HQ image I mentioned, posted on your Instagram of a woman wearing Steven Khalil.

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for – the dress. The one your mother, grandmother, and future children will admire, adore, and ask about. You want your dress to not only make you look and feel incredible, but to represent you – your personality, style, and to suit the occasion and scenery.

We think that the way towards that goal is with a custom couture piece from Steven Khalil. With almost 20 years in the fashion industry, Steven Khalil is clearly recognised as a renowned bridal wear designer. His vision for his couture label is clear as day – to create elegance and beauty that fuses the contemporary and classical styles of bridal wear.

These are pieces that you’ll struggle to abandon on your “maybe” list. Steven Kahlil is also fully equipped with a stunning house collection archive that you can view for a sneak peek at what your wedding dress could look like. Try to look away, we dare you.

 Photo by DreamReel Images

4. Maple Lane

On your special day, you want to feel at your very best – pampered, flawless, and fabulous. Maple Lane will get you there, and much further.

Based in Newcastle and servicing Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, and more, Maple Lane offer professional makeup and brow services for all events, but with an emphasis on bridal work. Featured in bridal magazines galore (WHITE, Modern Wedding Magazine, Vintage Bride) and nominated consistently for ABIA Awards, Maple Lanes’ skills are second to none.

Taking a modern approach to makeup, Alicia always caters her work to the skin, look, and feel of the clients’ vision – but believes in letting gorgeous skin glow, and natural beauty shine. Using high quality, long lasting products, and a trial appointment to lock in the look you want, you can relax on the day knowing you will look your very best. Read up on Maple Lane’s website for more tips on how to prepare your skin and hair for your big day.

 Image by Maple Lane

5. Gather & Stitch Beauty

Looking for the right hair and makeup artist can be a challenge. Finding one that has the expertise, resources, and love for creating beautiful looks for all ethnic backgrounds can be an even bigger one.

In come Gather and Stitch Beauty. Their portfolio shows off their skills for all skin types and colours, and are phenomenal at walking the line between glamorous and natural. They expertly match the formalwear of their clients precisely, with their unique, colourful looks. There’s not one boring image to be found here.

Each of their expansive team members have been professionally trained, certified, and guided by leaders in the hair and beauty industries, with expertise across bridal, editorial, and hair.

Image by Gather & Stitch

6. Beyond Celebrancy – Scott Broadbridge-Brown

You want your wedding to be unforgettable. And sure, a lot of factors go into that. But it all leads up to the moment you are officially joined in marriage. And that moment, and the impact it creates, is entirely conducted by the marriage celebrant.

In order to showcase the past, present, and future of a couple into one ceremony – this person needs to care about your story, and know it back to front. They need to appeal to young children, parents, in-laws, and the elderly with both compassion and humour. They should create something that will burn into the history of your life story, and the memory of your family and friends. It sounds like a lot to ask, but the first step is to find a marriage celebrant who cares deeply about life and love. One of Sydney’s best can be found at Beyond Celebrancy, with celebrant Scott Broadbridge-Brown.

Scott and his team offer complete personalisation for your wedding ceremony – from the structure and choreography, to the smallest word in your vows. He focuses on finding new, powerful ways to join you in marriage. With an astounding attention to detail, Beyond Celebrancy offer some much-needed guidance through one of lifes’ most exciting (and stressful) periods.

From the legalities and paperwork, to supply of a sound system, to advice on name changes post-wedding, the level of care and attention this team provides to their couples is clear as day.

Wedding Highlights by DreamReel Films

7. North Ryde Golf Club

Unique wedding venues are hard to come by, let alone affordable. But if you’re looking to meet these requirement, and in a venue large enough to accommodate your guests, you’ll be in awe of this hidden gem in North Ryde – The North Ryde Golf Club.

Perhaps you might not think of a golf club as the first place for your wedding reception, but trust us when we say as fellow wedding industry vendors that – we’ve never found a venue as stunning as this, at the price it sits at. With rolling hills of green, water fountains, and lush forestry, your wedding photos and videos will thank you. And for the ample parking space, so will your guests.

Some rooms in this expansive venue can seat up to 300 people, with a variety of packages to suit your needs. With floor staff, setting arrangements, and food management, the menu and drinks for weddings at North Ryde Gold Club are designed to impress. Think filled-to-the- brim antipasto platters, hot seafood platters, alongside some sauvignon blanc. (You can read up more on their delicious menu right here.)

Image by North Ryde Golf Club

8. Sydney Wedding Flowers

Flowers are the finishing touch to a beautiful wedding scene – they bring your events’ colour palette, style, and a sense of elegance together in harmony.

However, many flower boutiques have expensive storefronts, driving prices up and up – let alone considering the amount you’ll likely need to run around to retrieve them. You’ll find the complete opposite experience at Sydney Wedding Flowers, which aims to remove all the stress and extra costs associated with finding the perfect wedding flowers.

Offering a hassle-free experience, floral designer and stylist Elizabeth Panovski brings timeless, elegant florals to every aspect you can imagine – from corsages, to bouquets, to the reception. Regardless of what style of flower you’re after, Sydney Wedding Flowers offer upfront, flat rate prices across all styles. You read that right. No matter the style of the flower, you won’t pay a cent more. With customisable packages, and free delivery included, all you need to do is receive and then bask in their beauty, and the lack of damage delivered to your wallet.

Wedding Sneak Peek by DreamReel Films


9. Frank MC – Master of Ceremonies

It may be tempting to give the honour of MC-ing your ceremony to a trusted friend or family member. But they will often discover that your master of ceremonies doesn’t just welcome and farewell. From the moment the party begins, your MC should become your event coordinator.

At least, that is how Frank MC approaches his work – to take your mind entirely away from logistics, and into the moment.

By organizing and announcing the formalities of the night, liaising with other vendors, and ensuring your event is running on schedule, Frank MC prides himself on offering a professional, articulate, and experienced service. With almost 30 years of experience in MC- ing weddings and other events, Frank says himself that “a good MC should be heard and not seen”. He understands how to manage his tasks discreetly, and how to deal with unforeseeable issues.

We’d highly recommend allocating budget for a MC to allow your guests and yourself to relax, and to ensure your wedding night flows smoothly.

Image by Frank MC

10. DJ:Plus

Music is a component of a wedding you might not consider first. But on second glance, you need to consider not just how your night will look and feel, but how it will sound. From the moment you are walking down the aisle, to the first dance, to when every one of your family and friends is tearing it up on the dance floor – each of these moments need a soundtrack.

Whether your wedding is traditional or not, it should set a mood that matches the moment – emotional, romantic, or straight out party-mode. Of course, these selections will be up to you and your partner. But on the day, you’ll want nothing more than to relax and enjoy the moment with your loved ones. And that’s where DJ Plus comes in.

DJ Plus is not your average DJ franchise. As a multi-award-winning, one-man-show, DJ:Plus focuses on quality over quantity, only taking on 25 clients per year.

And you’ll get much more than someone mindlessly spinning the decks while getting tipsy on your dollar. DJ:Plus provides a professional sound system, lighting effects, extensive pre- planning – and with over 30 years of experience – complete peace of mind.

Oh, and he happily takes on-the-spot requests of you and any of your guests. That’s a plus.


Image by DreamReel Studio

We know that no one planning the most special day of their lives is going to want to settle for anything less than perfect. So we’ve made sure that our suggestions meet that standard – we’ve worked alongside each and every one of these incredible vendors, and their quality of service is what inspired us to feature them in this article – no affiliated links to be found here.

For your wedding videography needs, we won’t stop until we reach perfection. Each of our videos is crafted to represent you and your partner in the most precious moments, the ones that are gone in the blink of an eye. For a wide range of wedding cinematography packages, get in touch with us here at DreamReel Films.